Friday, March 7, 2008

Broken Collarbone

Let me just say that I am not crazy. I was thinking that Jake's left arm was acting a little funny the past few days. For instance, he would lift his right one over his head, but only move the left one from the elbow down. Or sometimes he would squeal when I picked him up under the armpits. So even though I take my kids to the dr a LOT (with B's breathing issues and such, we don't take chances and Urgent Care is our friend), I brought Jake in to check out his arm.

Yep, he has a broken collarbone. The Doctor thinks it happened at birth because it was such a fast delivery. Although I had slept through most of the labor, the doctor had to use the vacuum in the end because the cord was wrapped around his neck twice and his heartrate would drop pretty low at the contractions. The pediatrician says the collarbone is really common, but arrrghhhh!!

He gets an x-ray on Monday just to confirm, but she had me feel the little bump myself. She also said that it's healing already, but I need to call the neurologist next week to make sure the nerves are OK in the area. If they're not, then he'll get therapy to not have a stiff arm. She said most people don't notice it for several weeks, so I'm not crazy for taking my kids in all the time. Twenty bucks well spent.

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