Monday, February 16, 2009

No training wheels!

We took the training wheels off Bradley's bike a few weeks ago. He's so big!! But it's taken me forever to get the pics up. So here ya go! We made him wear the knee/elbow pads for awhile a few weeks ago, but not since. He just wants to get the helmet on and get out of the garage as fast as possible. Besides, the worst time he fell (because he was wiggling the wheel), he cut his chin and there were no pads there anyway.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jakers is 11 months!

Well, he was actually 11 months about 2 weeks ago, but you know we're slow at our blog sometimes. About a half a second after the picture, he crawled away. He's really fast and is starting to take more steps. Usually he does about 3-5 steps before he drops down, but John saw him walk about 10 feet this afternoon.

It's soccer season again!

Bradley had his first soccer game of this year and WOW! So much better than last year. Last year, he loved the practice, but played probably only one quarter of a game and sat on the sidelines for the rest of the time. This morning he scored 4 goals and had a blast! He's really good at keeping himself between the ball and other players. But we need to get him to pass more.

Snack time after the game. Michael, our next door neighbor is on the same team, which is cool. They were passing to each other a little and highfiving when they scored. I also got B a slushie from the concession stand after this was taken. Bad Momma - it was about 9 in the morning and I bought him a slushie. LOL

The last two from the practice time. They do a half hour of practice, then go straight into the game. His team is called the Red Rockets.