Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Bradley started playing tee-ball a few weeks ago and had his first game last Saturday. He has practice once a week and then the weekly games. It's a little hectic right now because he's still in soccer for the next few weeks and we have to do a quick change to get to the soccer game after tee-ball. (I can't imagine what it's going to be like when Jake starts playing sports too!) But he has so much fun! It's fun to watch John as the tee-ball coach too. He gets all the little 3-4 year olds in their ready position and learning all the basics. Here's Jake and Bradley climbing the backstop with Grandma Flowers.
Bradley playing near first base.
Ready position....

John lining up the team to take turns batting. Bradley is the behind the kid in the red jacket.

Getting in a little fielding practice before the game.

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Cody, Angela, Jacob, Aidan and . . . said...

So great! I can't wait for our boys to play. It looks like fun!